Adopt a Horse


Most of our Horses can be "adopted"; your contributions can help pay for their support.

The therapy horses at Equi-librium are our most valued and loved resources. Horses that are in optimal condition both physically and mentally provide the best possible therapeutic intervention. Our horses are treated individually and daily with great care, thoroughness and love. Please support the special work that our horses do by helping us provide the essential ingredients for healthy and happy therapy horses.

Adopting a horse will enable you to provide for a particular horse’s care and needs for a specific adoption period. Direct upkeep costs involve grain, hay, bedding, and nutritional supplements daily as well as veterinary and farrier expenses.

Please indicate in the comments which horse you are interested in adopting. If you're not sure, visit the "Meet Our Horses" page to decide. Upon receipt of your donation, you will be mailed a packet which contains an adoption certificate, description with known history and a photo of your chosen horse.







Thank you!

All donations are tax deductible.

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